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Hakkımızda – Şirince – Kırkınca Butik Otel




Mübadele dönemine dayanır bizim Şirinceli olmamız. Dedelerimiz Selanik’teki topraklarımızı bırakıp, kendi memleketimizde ki bir Rum köyü Kırkınca’ya geleli epey zaman geçmiş. Evlerimizden çok bizler orjinaliz aslında. Kırkınca konakları 1999 yılından bu yana köyün en samimi mekanı olarak misafirlerini ağırlıyor. 1999 yılında İlkan GÜLGÜN’ün turizme atılmasıyla ardından kardeşi Üzeyir Bey’de abisinin izinden yürüdü. Sonrasında Kırkınca Evleri tam bir aile şirketi yüzüne kavuştu. Şirince de Kırkınca Evlerinin tercih sebebi olmasının en büyük ispatını buraya gelerek gözlerinizle görebilir ve bu sıcaklığı bizimle paylaşabilirsiniz.

Üzeyir, Seyhan, Ata, Bulut ve İlkan GÜLGÜN




The Kırkınca Hotel is located in the authentic wine village of Sirince, located 350 meters above sea level, and nestled within an all-natural surroundings. It is here, far from the chaos of the city, that you will witness the peaceful and relaxing miracle that only nature can create.

Our unique accommodations provide you with the choice of residing in our standard and luxurious rooms, or the unique opportunity of living in an authentic stone village house in an all-natural mountainous environment; either choice promises to give you the perfect vacation with a ‘home away from home’ experience.

Only second to the charm of Sirince itself, Kırkınca Houses has offered the best service, smiling faces, and the warmth of friendship since 2000. Now that you have experienced Turkish hospitality, get ready to experience “Kırkınca Hospitality”!

We a Kırkınca Houses promise you an experience of a lifetime, a place your heart will call home in Turkey, and a lifetime of pleasant memories.

Other world renowned historical landmarks in the surrounding area include:

– Ayasuluk Castle The well preserved Byzantine castle has stood on the hill of Ayasuluk for 1500 years. The main entrance gate of the castle was constructed from the stones of Roman buildings in the 6th century AD. The castle has 15 towers and is surrounded by rubble stoned city walls reaching to 1.5 km. A church, built into a former Byzantine church, a small mosque and several cisterns are within the borders of the citadel of Ayasuluk.

– Virgin Mary’s House (recognized by the Catholic Church as the last residence of the Virgin Mary after Christ’s death, and visited by 3 Popes)

– Grotto of the Seven Sleepers refers to a group of Christian youths who hid inside this cave outside the city of Ephesus around 250 AD, to escape a persecution of Christians being conducted during the reign of the Roman emperor Decius.

– Basilica and burial ground of St. Jean: Directly beneath the altar laid a crypt with several rooms and of those, the tomb of St. John itself. On the altar the inscription of the 14th verse of the 131st Psalm can be read where St. John states: “This is my resting place forever, here will I dwell”

– The world famous Ephesus, which is one of the greatest archaeological sites in the world and home to one of the Seven Churches mentioned in the Book of Revelation.

Ephesus will take you back in time as you browse the ancient ruins that include the infamous Celsus Library, the Terrace Houses, Hadrianus Temple, and the Great amphitheatre (that continues to host live concerts and festivals).

– Isabey Mosque in Selçuk (near Ephesus), which is the oldest known example of a Turkish mosque with a courtyard, built in 1375 and restored in 1934, and where Columns and stones from the ruins of the city of Ephesus and the Temple of Artemis were incorporated into the building.

The Kırkınca Hotel invites you to witness the miracle created by nature and history hand in hand – a place that combines rest, relaxation and excitement far from the chaos of the city.

The Ayasuluk Castle, Mother Mary’s House, Church of St. Jean, Celsus Library, İsabey Mosque, Grotto of the Seven Sleepers, the Great Amphitheatre of Ephesus, the Hillside Terrace Houses, Hadrianus Temple, and other historical landmarks surround the village of Sirince, where nature beckons you 350 meters above sea level.

Our rooms, designed for the perfect holiday, and our houses, which welcome you instantly, will give that ‘home away from home’ feeling.

Equal only to the charm of Sirince itself, Kırkınca Houses offers you the best service coupled with a smiling face and the warmth of friendship since 2000.

Thanks to Kırkınca Houses, we are sure that you will leave a part of your heart in Sirince, Turkey.

Adresse: Sirince Village – Selcuk – Izmir / Turkey Phone: +90 232 898 31 33 898 32 16- 898 30 69 Fax: +90 232 898 31 40


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